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Excel user wanting to learn vba

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    Red face Excel user wanting to learn vba

    Hello everyone-
    I am not familiar with posting and less familiar with macros and VBA.
    I recently graduated from a 2 year college as an administrative secretary. Using excel is a piece of the job description for that field (like so many others).
    Never heard of VBA or macros until two years ago. Now I am excited about how versatile Excel really is. It's fun and challenging.

    I visit this forum from time to time when I want to find answers for automating my spreadsheets to use in workbooks or in conjuction with other programs.
    Looking at the different posts, I get comfortably / blissfully lost in the posts people create. I find useful information on so many other topics, challenges, etc.
    At times I have become so engrossed, I had to remember why I came in the first place.

    I'm crazy about Excel and hope to learn so much more. First, the basics; finding solutions for speeding up everyday tasks to reduce redundancy.

    I will do my best to follow the forum rules and thank you everyone for your posts and participation.


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    Re: Excel user wanting to learn vba

    Welcome to the forum MzADM
    I think people forget the word "THANK YOU!!!!" Do you still know it???

    There is a little star ( ADD REPUTATION ) below those person who helped you. Click it to say your "PRIVATE APPRECIATION TO THEIR EFFORT ON THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS "


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