So in my spreadsheet I have many pictures - 200 of them that show our prices and breakdowns of costs. I created links so these pictures would open up in windows photo viewer. SO this worked fine until excel decided that my links all needed to be fixed. SO all my links were changed and not due to how I saved my file. SO now I want this to work and I have found that I can somehow create a vba tidbit with the Environ("UserProfile") & "\Pictures\PriceList\" type thing and excel wont be able to fix my spreadsheet because its not allowed to change what I type in a macro. I noticed that this site has experts that will help me out with this little problem. ANd maybe I will approach commercial services about this issue. So this is on 7 but we also want it to work on 10 I am using excel 2016 currently because the PDF export for 2019 is broken.
Thank you