I am looking for suggestions to improve a refund process that we currently use.

The tools avaliable to us are - Excel 2007 (currently using this to record the customers details, reason for refunds and amount requested along with a mastersheet as 3x users can receive refund requests) Outlook 2007 - currently have a rule set up to put anything with refund in the subject field in a separate folde and Dropbox - as we are a small business we dont use a server so Dropbox is used to share files.

The current process is that each advisor records the information requested into their own refund request sheet and at the end of the day email across to manager. This goes into their own personal email. They then copy each sheet into the master copy (which is stored in dropbox) and then action the refunds from there.

I have been asked to foolproof the operation by removing the middle man (the manager) so that the refunds can be actioned regardless (in case of sickness, holiday etc)

I suggested adding in additional coding into the database however this is too expensive an option to implement.

I think i may be missing something obvious here but iv been told to keep it simple - however I dont want anything on paper.

Any suggestions would help.