I am a huge fan of Gmail & have tons of productivity add-ons, so I cannot move my email to Outlook. However, I am also very keen to utilise Outlook's much better calendar, tasks & contacts. The fact that Big G & Microsoft are not very good friends, makes this set-up a little more difficult than it should be in this day & age.

My main problem comes with "Outlook Tasks". My small company has now all moved to outlook (because we are in a country where Gmail doesnt work well without VPN), but I am with my Gmail using VPN. Now I want to use outlook tasks to delegate tasks to my staff and be able to receive email updates on those tasks. However, I have configured my account for send-only, so I wonder if I delegate tasks through outlook, would I be able to receive status updates with a "send-only" account, or what would be the best way to achieve this.