I may be getting in way over my head with this but here it is:

My company partially uses Outlook Calendar to keep track of bid due dates and client information for any particular project where there could be upwards of 50 in any given month. I am looking for a way (if feasible) to do the following:

1. Create or copy a folder with subfolders that will contain .doc & .xml templates and saved on the server with the project name specified in Outlook Calendar Appointment data.

2. Export Outlook Calendar Appointment data from any and all fields into the newly created subfolder(s) above.

3. How to correctly format the appt data due to the limited number of fields. Fields needed are Project Name, Project Location, Client, Contact and Contact info, i.e. letterhead.

4. Sometimes we will have up to 10 clients for the same project there for #2 would have to be executed multiple times?

Is all or any of this possible? I'm just looking to save a bunch of time. Any help will be most appreciated.