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editing a flowchart

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    Question editing a flowchart


    I'm looking to findout how this flowchart was set up and how do I edit it, e.g. move the bubbles and add text to the bubbles.

    any help is appreciated.


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    Re: editing a flowchart

    Most of the top portion of the chart is a single image. The individual elements cannot be edited.

    The other shapes can be edited for text by right-clicking on the shape then selecting Add Text from the menu.

    This was created by adding the individual shapes from Insert > Shapes > Flowchart then linking them with arrows using Insert > Shapes > Lines.

    I have shown your original image, and then moved the top image off to the upper-left corner so you can see what part of the page that is.



    Single image moved:

    | | |會 |會 |會 |會 | |:| | |會 |會
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