Title more or less says it all.

I would like to use Word document attached to a draft outgoing Outlook e-mail, convert it to a PDF file and attach it to the outgoing e-mail instead of the original Word document.

I'd like to be able to run this macro from an icon on the Outlook toolbar.

Is this possible and if so can someone offer any help?

Assuming it is, as an addendum anf if possible I'd also like to add a scanned image of a signature to the word doc before conversion to the pdf. And to complete the requirement be able to choose one of two or three images dependent on the author of the letter and whether the letter is a 'personal' or 'company' one. i.e. the signature ending "Yours sincerely, "Joe", or "Yours faithfully, Joseph Smith, Any Company inc."

This latter requirement could perhaps be the subject of a drop down list of options one of which would be selected.

Usual TIA