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Compact & Repair Backend Database

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    Compact & Repair Backend Database

    For those that develop Access databases for clients, do you provide instructions to your clients to compact and repair after your transfer the database over. I am new to developing databases for clients. Previously, I was onsite at the location where I developed a few database and would go and perform compact and repair once a month myself. I don't think my client will leave my access to his file server after the database is transferred.

    During the development of my current database, I have experienced issues with running compact and repair. I think the process couldn't delete the database file before renaming and saving the new compacted database so it renamed it from *.accdb to Database.mdb. I believe the issues was caused because the database was on Dropbox but I'm not positive.

    My instructions would be to make a copy of the backend before compacting and repairing should something go wrong but that may not sound very professional or comforting to a client. I appreciate any comments from the seasoned pros.


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    Re: Compact & Repair Backend Database

    I generally use Excel as a front end for Access. The Access Db will have a table named something like 'AdminTbl' and will have a field that holds the last compact date. The Front End workbook will poll that field on open and if > some reasonable amount of time either prompt the user or automatically save a backup copy and kick off a compact and repair. I'm more of a fan of automatically kicking it off cos users generally don't read prompts.

    I've also used a file size check on the Db and if nearing 2Gb, automatically compact and repair.

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