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One form for multiple tables?

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    Question One form for multiple tables?

    Hi all. I'm new to Access, and I'm trying to make one input form that I can use to input patient data and specify which Care Coordinator's table it goes to with a selection on the form. For instance, if I were inputting John Doe's info, and wanted it to go to CC#1of10, I could put in:

    Pt Identification #
    Phone #
    Care Level
    Category of Care
    CC1 (selectable list 1-10)

    and that would go to table "CC1"

    Is that possible?

    Also, in trying to build a combo box with a selectable list (like State, or CC) I'm having trouble getting it to allow me to edit the list properties. I have the Control Source "State" and the Row Source <"AZ";"CO";"ID";"NV";"UT";"WY"> so I could select one of the 6 in our region. Is there something I'm missing there?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: One form for multiple tables?

    One form equates to one table. To update multiple tables, you will need to build subforms which are related (linked) to the main form on a common control (field in a table) on the forms.

    Here is a tutorial that will give you some background on sub forms.


    Click on this link below and scroll down to the tutorials on combo boxes and watch them. They should be helpful


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    Re: One form for multiple tables?

    Excellent, thank you Alan.

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    Re: One form for multiple form?

    Hello Sir:

    I am new with the access so i have a database and i have created manny accounts in that so now here i want that how can i open every
    single account edit form by one button so for i am atteaching my file here i hope you will guide me this,'


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    Re: One form for multiple tables?

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