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Trying to set up an autofill "queue" for a chart

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    Trying to set up an autofill "queue" for a chart

    I'm trying to set up a chart with an auto fill "queue".

    For example.
    I have six names. I have one name in each cell: 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C, 7C.
    I want the queue to be in the order of 2C --> 3C --> 4C -->5C --> 6C --> 7C --> 2C --> 3C --> ∞
    I also want the queue to be linked to a variable/formula "x".
    So that when I place "x" in a cell it will automatically fill in a name from the queue.
    The first time I place "x" it will fill in 2C's name, the next time I place "x" it will fill in 3C's name, and so on.
    I want it to constantly be in order, never going from "x" 2C, to "x" 5C. It must always be in the same order, as listed above.
    I would also read the excel from left to right, and up to down, as you would read any normal american book.

    "x" will be whatever it is I need to place in the cell to automatically fill in the next name on the queue.

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    Re: Trying to set up an autofill "queue" for a chart


    Welcome to the Forum.

    Please post a sample template of your workbook using "Go Advanced" option.

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