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100% Stacked Column Chart within a 100% Stacked Bar Chart

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    100% Stacked Column Chart within a 100% Stacked Bar Chart

    Essentially I need to be able to create two charts in one. I need a 100% stacked column chart to overlay each segment of a 100% stacked bar chart. If the data was going to be static I would just create two charts with one overlaid on the other with no fill settings. But the chart will need to change based on a location filter. Below is an example of what I will need except I will need an overlaying chart on each segment. The idea is that I need to visually show the average score for each group on a test, but then I also need to show in the same graph how each group scored on a different, but related test. Hopefully this makes sense and Thank your for the help!

    Update: The column chart doesn't have to look exactly like that just as long as I can put it within the bar graph.

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