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Need help with timeline stacked bar graph

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    Need help with timeline stacked bar graph

    I've set up what I'm looking for in the below. I am unable to attach anything to this message.

    I can't seem to get the ranges set exactly the way I want it. There is 3 levels of support all ending on the date listed and the stack bars show for each application. Also is there away to adjust the view of the graph =today() centric +- a 365.
    I've adjusted the axis Min and max from auto to fixed but I loose the rest of tiers. Auto had the date at 1/0/1900.

    Ending Dates for support
    Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
    Application 1 6/20/2020 6/20/2022 6/20/2024
    Application 2 8/20/2020 7/20/2021 5/20/2020
    Application 3 6/20/2022 6/21/2023 6/22/2024
    Application 4 6/20/2020 6/21/2023 No date
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    Re: Need help with timeline stacked bar graph


    The attach icon doesn't work - don't ask

    Use the Go Advanced and underneath the post area choose Manage Attachments.
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    Re: Need help with timeline stacked bar graph

    To attach a file to the OP, click on Edit post, find the "manage attachments" link below the main editor window to bring up the file uploader, then upload the file. To attach the file to a reply post, click on reply to thread or go advanced and find the same manage attachments link.

    1) For a stacked bar style Gantt chart, I would expect columns calculating "duration" for each segment, but your sample data does not show these columns. Do you have duration columns calculated in the file?
    2) The auto setting of 1/0/1900 is probably because the algorithm behind the auto minimum setting was to start the axis at 0 (which is the serial number for 0 Jan 1900). I am not sure why you would lose all the tiers just by choosing appropriate fixed values for max and min (unless you were not correctly calculating the durations mentioned above).
    3a) It is possible to center the graph around today. The process essentially consists in choosing the correct values for axis min and max so that today's date is the center of the axis. Of course, the format axis dialog can only accept constant values that you enter, so you can either calculate the desired axis limits yourself (in the spreadsheet or by any other means you like) and enter those values, or you can write a VBA procedure that will read the calculation from the spreadsheet or perform the calculation and write those values to the appropriate properties of the horizontal axis (see example here: https://peltiertech.com/link-excel-c...lues-in-cells/ ).
    3b) Most of the time, I see people simply add a vertical line at today, rather than trying to center the axis on today. This is usually done by adding an additional XY scatter series to the stacked bar chart so that this point/series of points appears on the chart as a vertical line at today. If you are familiar with creating combination charts, this should not be overly difficult. If you decide you want to pursue this instead of centering the chart on today, let us know how we can help implement something like this.
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