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How can I link the attached table in powerpivot

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    How can I link the attached table in powerpivot


    I am trying to coonect 3 databases using powerpivot.

    I have supplier spend in which supplier ID is unique (see "blue tab")

    Contarcts in which supplier ID can be repeted multiple times (see "yellow tab"

    Savings in which supplier ID can be repeated multiple times. (see "green tab")

    The only correct value i can see is: "supplier spend" and "proposed contract amount". The savings Output is not working

    I have tried to add a table called category (which is unique) to link the contrract with the savigns but again I am not able to link all the 3 tables.

    I have added a tab called "desired Output" in which I would like to see the supplier spend + savings + proposed contract spend + contract expiration date.

    can it be done with Powerpivot?
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    Re: How can I link the attached table in powerpivot

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