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help creating a table with a dynamic pie chart based on date

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    help creating a table with a dynamic pie chart based on date

    hi everyone, this is my first post. I know a little bit about excel but my knowledge is limitted, so any help would be appreciated.

    I am trying to make a booking sheet, that collects time in and time out of bookings and returns the duration of the booking. I will then need a pie chart that shows a total of this for that day, and then retruns how much time is left for that day. To provide some context this is for a car garage and there are 16 hours in the day. So the pie chart needs to return how much time is left from the bookings to arrange new bookings.

    so far i have managed to do this but it only works for one day, i want to be able to filter the row date, so the pie chart is dynamic based on the date selected. as you will see from the attached document i have got so far, but i am now stuck. This is so i can add multiple dates to the pie chart.

    would anyone be so kind to help me with this please.

    many thanks
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    Re: help creating a table with a dynamic pie chart based on date

    Use a conditional sum formula - SUMIF, as in the attached. Enter the date of interest into cell H3, and the chart will update. I also changed your formula in D to avoid errors that would affect the SUMIF formula.
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