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Chart Slicer & Labels/Marker Formatting Issue

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    Chart Slicer & Labels/Marker Formatting Issue

    Hoping the community can lend a hand here, because I'm driving myself crazy...

    I have a chart in the Test workbook attached that is a combo chart of clustered bars and xy-scatter. The chart displays open trade space of various products in development. The slicers allow users to filter the chart (and back-end Excel table, NOT Pivot Chart) to show only products they are interested in. This seems to work, except for the previous formatting of labels and markers of the chart are broken.

    For example, applying no filter to the product set shows the chart in its correct form. However, applying 'Yes' slicer filter under the 'Filter Preset' slicer group, and then resizing the chart with the 'Update Trade Space Chart Size' button reflects missing/inaccurate label and marker formatting. If the slicer filters are then all removed, and the 'Update Trade Space Chart Size' button is again selected, the label and marker formatting is returned to its correct state.

    Any thoughts from the collective? I'm thinking it may be an Excel chart cache issue, but unsure at this point.
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