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Help showing multiple percentages on a stacked column

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    Help showing multiple percentages on a stacked column

    Hi there,

    I'd like to show 3 percentages. A large column at 100%, an overlying column of 44% and another overlying column of smaller width at 32%. I've tried several tutorials without success.

    Any help would be appreciated. I've included a sketch of what I'd like below. I don't have raw data to do this with so maybe the answer is how I portray the data.


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    Re: Help showing multiple percentages on a stacked column

    Here's how I would expect to do it:

    1) Enter data in the spreadsheet. In A1, enter 0.32, In A2, enter 0.44, In A3 enter 0.56 (1-0.44).
    2) Select A1:A3 -> Insert -> Column Chart -> Stacked column chart. Excel will default to series in columns, so you will get three separate columns.
    3) Execute "switch rows/columns". Now you have one stacked column with three parts.
    4) Select series 1 (the 0.32 series)-> format series -> move to secondary axis. Set gap width to something larger (250% or whatever suits your fancy).
    5) Select the primary vertical axis -> format axis -> set min and max limits to 0 and 1. Repeat for secondary vertical axis.

    That should be close to what you show in your pictures.
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