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Plotting a line chart with 2 sets of values and dates?

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    Plotting a line chart with 2 sets of values and dates?


    First time poster here, apologies if this is a common question, I couldn't find an answer with a quick search. If anyone wants to point me towards relevant FAQs that'd be grand, but I'd appreciate being handed this answer on a platter too!

    I want to plot a line chart with the date as my horizontal axis and two lines representing two values on any given day (expected stock in, and stock actually arrived.) My data is currently in four columns: Expected stock, Date for this, Stock arrived, Date for this. eg:

    40, 24/7/08, 20, 30/7/08

    Which indicates I expected 40 stock on 24/8 but only got 20 and on 30/7.

    Is there a way of doing this without massively reorganising all my data? I would greatly appreciate any help!

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    The normal layout for chart data is 1st column category labels (x-axis) and 2nd column Values (y-axis)

    Because your 2 sets of data will not share the same dates you will need to plot a xy-scatter rather than Line chart.

    But I do not see how you will know which points in the 2 line series are related.

    If you do not change the layout of your data you can use the Data step in the chart wizard to select appropriate ranges for x and y values.

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