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Time Series Chart with Volume

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    Time Series Chart with Volume


    my problem is that i need to plot a time series:

    My database is a time series of stock prices with volume (tick data) and i want to plot it as a line chart with a volume bar chart in the lower section.

    Is this possible with Excel?


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    Re: Time Series Chart with Volume

    I don't trade stocks, but I trade sport exchanges, and I suppose that's standard graph, which has time scale on X-axis, price as line in one Y-axis, and volume as bars in another Y-axis? If so, look at the attachment.

    All data are on sheet "Data". You create this chart in following way:

    1. Create a standard chart, with column "Time" on "Category X labels", and "Price" and "Volume" as series values (series 1 and 2).

    2. Double click on series you want to be on right side Y-axis (I put price on right side in my example), pop-up window will appear; on tab "Axis", select "Plot series on secondary axis".

    That's it. Then just format lines, colours, etc. as you like.
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