I have a stacked bar chart with week dates as the x axis. I'd like to be able to select the first and last week of the chart (making these the range for the chart, i.e. start week: week 1 2013, stop week: week 5 2013) using a drop down list for start week and stop week. All of the weeks that I need are on another worksheet and defined as weeks. How can i do this? I've got the drop down lists, that easy. But using the "date" that is in the drop down list to reference a the cell on another worksheet and then putting using that range that is referenced in the horizontal axis labels range is very tricky to me. Here's what I'm thinking X Axis label range: ='Sheet1'! "somehow reference cell here using the defined start": "reference the defined stop here". I'm sure it's not that simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've looked at a lot of examples for index, vlookup, match and just can't wrap my head around how to incorporate them here or which one to incorporate.