I am trying to create an excel sheet (Purchase Order Form) where when I type my product code it will show a picture of the item with the products available with the cost per item also with an empty spot where you can input the quantity wanted and it will calculate a total of (Items Ordered x Item Cost)

Attached is currently the excel sheet we use, but I have over 200 products and to go through the list it gets long we currently search through ALL our items and copy and paste only the items that have a value and paste it onto a separate excel sheet so it keeps it from having a lot of empty spots. (I want to keep my template I just want to make it more efficiently and not have to go hunt for products I can't use CTRL F because the products I spread over 20+ excel documents) Example: http://postimg.org/image/t9g2xhcyj/

Is there a way where I can input only the items needed kind of like a drop down feature, or a show only items with a value function?

The only issue that concerns me is that I have certain products that share the same code but the last digit or 2 digits determine the colour if the product is offered in multiple colours will is there a way that I can merge the 4 different colours into 1 drop down I don't want to have to make 4 sections for the same product different colour.