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Adding value of colored cells (conditional formatting)

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    Adding value of colored cells (conditional formatting)

    I have a range of cells (G9:G13 and G16:20) that change color based on conditional formatting rules i have in place.
    These same cells already return a result from a complex formula I am happy with.
    They will be white unless triggered to turn one of three colors.

    When any of them change color I want to be able to add the value in those colored cells together, but in a different cell.

    If 4 red cells have the value 8 in then I want the end result (32) to be in cell G33
    If 1 blue cell has a 2 then another blue cell has 5 i want the end result (7) to be in cell G34
    If 2 green cells have a 3 then another green cell has 12 i want the end result (18) to be in cell G35

    (I want to be able to choose any color or formatting, not just the examples above.)

    no white (default) cells will be added together at all.

    I found this vba script but wasn't sure if it was appropriate.

    Any suggestions? This one is beyond me but I'm sure its possible.
    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Re: Adding value of colored cells (conditional formatting)

    Why don't you just use SUMIFS with the same conditions you used to colour the cells?
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