I have a workbook which I've done a lot of formatting cells and everything has been working as intended. Today I formatted a column with a gray fill color and then I could not do a format cells option. When I selected format cells nothing occurs.

I had another workbook with same features open at that time and even though I had not changed that workbook yet the format cells option did not work there either.

I googled the issue and there was a comment that this can occur if you have to many formats - Does anyone know how I can check cells to determine number of formats and what to do when this occurs.

My workbook is too large to attach.

I have restored my workbook to the previous version and it is working now but without the target cells being formatted as I wanted.

I've restored it twice actually and re-applied the formatting to the desired column on the first restore to see if it re-occurred and it did.

Thanks for any help/advice.