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Identifying Text Variations and Counting

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    Identifying Text Variations and Counting

    I have an excel file which lists all employees at my office in a column. Running across the top are times of the day (every 30 minutes e.g. 13:00, 13:30, 14:00 etc.) and I have a separate sheet for each day. Within this table I fill out the project name that each employee is working on for all the hours (or half an hours) of the day that they work. Some work on multiple projects each day and some work just one, everyone works slightly different hours. I need to find a way to summarise each day so that for each employee I can clearly see the project names of what they have worked on and how many hours they have done this for.

    I could use count if, but they could be working on any one of 100 projects so cannot create a separate function for each of these. Does anyone know how I can summarise the data I have?? I don't mind whether this is in another column to the side or a separate worksheet.

    Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

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    Re: Identifying Text Variations and Counting


    Unless you capture a time start and time end for each record you won't be able to summarise the hours.

    But personally I'd capture the data in a regular database so that you can analyse any statistics with a Pivot Table. Certainly avoid putting each day's data in a separate sheet. That's just inefficient.

    See attached for one example.
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    Richard Buttrey

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