Hi All,

I've have SUMIFS formula that I need to include an array in, which I should be able to get working by wrapping it in a SUM function, similar to this old post (https://www.excelforum.com/excel-for...ml#post4725199). The sum seemed to work but I realized it was working only for the 1st value in my brackets, not the 2nd, unless I do ctrl+shift+enter which doesn't make sense since Excel should just do the sum.

Here is the formula =SUM(SUMIFS(OnHand!C:C,OnHand!A:A,L24285,OnHand!G:G,IF(R24285="GRD",{"A","A+"},VLOOKUP(R24285,Info!U:V,2,FALSE))))

The odd thing is if I highlight the inside of the sum function I get the expected array result: =SUM({0,9}) and clicking enter at this point provides the correct result but I don't understand why its not just working.

My system is up to date, does anyone know if there's a setting that might be causing the issue, or perhaps the fact that its across tabs is an issue, or am I just misunderstanding how excel handles a forced array (typed {})?