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A leaderboard but with multiple entries

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    A leaderboard but with multiple entries

    I need a top three that automatically updates when more entries are added on.

    I've searched through array, countif, index, match, mode and max, im just unable to get it to work.

    i think its the lack of numbers that's confusing me.

    attached a spreadsheet
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    Re: A leaderboard but with multiple entries

    This proposal employs a helper column (C) which may be moved and/or hidden for aesthetic purposes.
    The helper column is populated using: =IF(COUNTIFS(A$2:A2,A2,B$2:B2,B2)=1,COUNTIFS(A$2:A$14,A2,B$2:B$14,B2),"")
    Cells F11:H14 are populated using: =IFERROR(INDEX($A$2:$A$14,AGGREGATE(15,6,(ROW($A$2:$A$14)-ROW($A$1))/($C$2:$C$14=AGGREGATE(14,6,$C$2:$C$14/($B$2:$B$14=F$10),ROWS($A$1:$A1)))/($B$2:$B$14=F$10),1)),"")
    Cells F7:H7 are populated using: =F11
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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