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Adding conditions to dropdown list

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    Adding conditions to dropdown list

    Hi everyone, my first post and hope I make myself understandable...

    I'm trying to use the dropdown list function, so that I can find a specific data from a table. But I'm having a long list and would like to add conditions to it.

    I've seen people using dependent lists to solve similar problems, but since my list is a live one and it keeps expanding. Is there a way that Excel could list out the data that matches with the condition, perhaps like an if-function?

    Would be very great if you guys can help! Thanks!
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    Re: Adding conditions to dropdown list

    Are you requiring Dropdown list in G4, including Ref No of Name in G2 and month in G3?

    Try to create list of Ref first in somewhere, i.e, N2:N13

    Then using OFFSET to create a dynamic list, using in Data Validation.

    Something like in attachment.
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    Re: Adding conditions to dropdown list

    List is created in helper column M.
    In M2 then copy down
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    Formula for DV is

    =INDIRECT("M2:M" & COUNTIF($M$2:$M$100,">0")+1)
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    Re: Adding conditions to dropdown list

    No formula - No helper columns - No extra lists (that do not compare to 'master')
    All data is obtained from the 'master' therefore should be compatable.
    Click in 'G2' - select from 3 combos - values pass back to the sheet on final selection in third combo.
    With the magic of VBA.
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