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Extracting text from a group of cells

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    Extracting text from a group of cells

    Ok, here's the deal: I have a bunch of data in a .txt format and I paste it into Excel. Excel separates the data into rows and columns but the data isn't always the same so it doesn't get put in the same format every time. All I know is that in some cell there will be the text "/country="random country"". I need to search through all the cells for the "/country" tag and then take whatever country happens to be specified.

    I was able to do this if I pasted all my data into one cell because I just used the function 'Find("/country",G24)' and it told me the character location of "/country" in cell G24, but sometimes there is so much data that I can't put it all in one cell.

    Hopefully someone can give me an idea of how to do this, thanks.

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    import your text into excel using the import text wizard

    open excel, choose open, then find your txt file and it'll start it automatically

    your data is probably either comma delimited or tab delimited.
    this doesn't exactly answer your specific question but I think it'll allow you to view your data in such a way that your problem will be non-existant.

    it'll solve other problems you'll eventually encounter

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