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ActiveX Combo Boxes - can I define the list to be displayed via formula?

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    ActiveX Combo Boxes - can I define the list to be displayed via formula?

    I am trying to use the data in worksheets ("Tax Table" & "US States") to fill in values using combo boxes on a separate worksheet ("Form" worksheet). Please Note: I have not made any of this data into a table/s.

    I have been using named ranges to select specific arrays and use them as the "listfillrange" component under properties at each combobox and formulas.

    Each row within each worksheet is comprised of the following columns:

    "Tax Table" worksheet

    1 = State
    2 = City
    3 = City Tax
    4 = State Tax
    5 = Total Tax

    "US States" worksheet

    1 = State (2 letter abbreviation)
    2 = State (spelled fully)

    At the "Forms" worksheet I am using activeX combobox1 to display a list of states, cell link = B2

    At the "Forms" worksheet I would like activeX combobox2 to utilize the value in cell B2 (selection made by combobox1) as a data reference to display a list of the cities associated with only the state represented in cell B2. Combobox2 cell link = B3

    Total tax - Cell C2 = index(match) formula

    With properties for of ActiveX controlbox2 displayed - at "listfillrange" I have tried to enter a index(match) formula but am not allowed to enter a formula or multiple arrays. Appears I cannot use a formula here?
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