Currently I have the price spreadsheet attached with the following tasks to handle: Prices.xls

Current Specs
Information on Rows 9 through 17 dictate different pricing for the items that should automatically be generated once they are selected from the price tab on this spreadsheet. PLEASE NOTE THE PRICES TAB WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THIS TEMPLATE SO CODE MUST REMAIN SEPERATE FROM THE FILE.

2-Files 1-Pricing Template, 2-Prices

After the items in Rows 9-17 have been selected from the drop down list I need the code that will fill in the prices from the price spreadsheet.

Will this be IF statements?
IF Cells C10:C12=RS-A-4 price equals to cell C14 in prices spreadsheet.

Not sure the best method to develop this since the template will be used often with many variables.


Thanks soooo much for any assistance.