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Sort data into unique values, then find totals and count

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    Sort data into unique values, then find totals and count

    Hi all thank you for taking a look at my problem.

    Attached, I have a sample spread sheet that includes 4 columns. Customer Name, Profit, Gallons and Codes. In the spread sheet I am working with I have around 900 customers.

    I want to see how many times a specific code such as "62" appears. I would also like to generate a unique list of codes with sum the total profit and gallons for each unique code. Any suggestions?

    If possible I would like to output the data in format found in Sheet2.
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    Re: Sort data into unique values, then find totals and count

    Hi dkang,

    This is a perfect reason for learning Pivot Tables. With your data it took about 20 seconds to get your answer. See the attached with an answer. You should explore Pivot Tables and see what else you can do with your real data.
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