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Index/Reference/Match Question

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    Index/Reference/Match Question

    I have two sheets that I want to link together for appraisal purposes, and have not been able to find a efficient way to do it so far.. One sheet is an input sheet which I manually fill in everything, and I want those values to feed into the other sheet in a very specific way.

    In the example workbook that Ive uploaded, the sheet which I manually input information is labeled "Info". On this sheet I have the first column labeled "Dock" with each docks specific information (type, length, width, # available) in the adjacent columns. The sheet I want this information to flow into is labeled "Start". In the first column, I have created a data validation list that allows for me to select which dock I am analyzing. I want to create a formula that allows for all the docks information from "info" sheet to automatically flow in to the adjacent columns on "Start" when the value I select from the data validation list matches a dock name from "info".

    This is a little confusing, so looking at the example will help alot. As of now, all the information is where I want it to be, I just want to create a formula that will do everything automatically so all I have to do is type in the information on "info", and then select which dock I'm looking at on "Start".

    Thank you so much for taking a look!

    Problem Example.xlsx

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    Re: Index/Reference/Match Question

    Try the attached file.
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