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Vacation Accrual Formula

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    Post Vacation Accrual Formula

    Hi, I work for a small company and I need help trying to come up with and creating a Formula which will help me to keep up with daily accrual of an employees vacation time. The way our company give vacation is 20 hrs for every 6 months worked up to 2 years. Which equals 2 1/2 days of Vacation every 6 months and totals 1 week a year. We use QuickBooks for payroll and other production record keeping, but the program does not have an effective way of accruing vacation time the way my owner wants.

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    Re: Vacation Accrual Formula

    Do you happen to have a spreadsheet example showing how you track hours of individuals?
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    Re: Vacation Accrual Formula

    Try downloading Attendance_History_09_17_08.xls from the site below to see if it might be helpful.

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