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How to make calendar interactive?

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    How to make calendar interactive?


    I downloaded this template and I really like it. What I'd like more is if I could make it interactive.

    I want to be able to click on a cell on the calendar side, and specific notes to pop up on the right, depending on which date I clicked.

    I've set an example on the right as to what I'm looking for. So if I click on march 11th, that information will pop up. I'd like each of the 3 categories to color code depending on how far away from the actual date that it is.

    So in this example, I clicked on March 11th. I want that to always be at the top right there, the date being viewed. The information under it I want shaded in a light green based on the condition that it is within 2 days of the primary date selected. If it is 3-4 days I want it light yellow, and anything 5 days or older I want in a red. This information would have to be variable, because 2 days before the 11th won't be the same as 2 days before the 28th. So on the 28th for example (as the primary day) the 26th and 27th would still be green.

    I'd also need to know where to type in the information for each cell. I'm assuming it'll be on a different sheet somewhere.

    I'd basically go in each morning, grab the dates needed for the categories of NPNR, refunds, and payments and enter them in, and then once I do that it'll update the calendar to show it and hopefully auto shade the dates accordingly depending on where they fall if it were to be clicked on. Is this possible? is there a simpler way to do it?

    Any help at all would be appreciated. Screen shot is included.
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    Re: How to make calendar interactive?

    Have you tried to google this?

    This looks like it might have some thing for you
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