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Opening Linked Files Breaks the Links Between Them

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    Opening Linked Files Breaks the Links Between Them

    Hi all,

    I have a spreadsheet that retrieves about 150 totals from about 50 different spreadsheets. The original workbook works fine when it's open and I can edit it, and the linked workbooks work fine when they're open as well.

    But the moment I open the main workbook AND open any linked workbook right after it, the linked cells go from:
    which breaks all the links to the opened sheet. I don't lose all 150 links, just the ones that linked to the opened workbook.

    Closing the linked workbook doesn't help, the File Path returns but links stay broken because the Worksheetname remains as #REF.

    Does someone understand what's going on here? Why would it change the name of the worksheet inside the cell to #REF?

    I should mentioned that I moved all the files to a shared drive before this happened. I used a macro to replace all the links with the correct links. I know the links are correct after I use the macro because I can change any of the linked workbooks and it will update in the main workbook. But the moment I open the main workbook and any linked workbook together, I lose that set of links.

    Anyone seen this before? I appreciate any help or direction.

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    Re: Opening Linked Files Breaks the Links Between Them

    I am experiencing the same issue since moving all files to a cloud server "Egnyte". Have you found a solution to the problem?

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