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Repeating Column A when Row 1 is Merged...?

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    Repeating Column A when Row 1 is Merged...?

    I really hope this is a simple one. I have a wide but short sheet, where there are 31 columns following A, which has the person's name. All 31 rows cannot it on one page in landscape view so I have returned to my preferred portrait orientation. I have merged Row 1 from A - O to centre the title of the page.

    Because this sheet will be prodominently used on screen, but needs to be print friendly, I am reluctant to simply copy A to P, as this means I will have everyone's names repeated half way across the page. If it was a length issue, I would usually just repeat the title and header rows and then freeze panes for on screen use.

    I am encountering an issue, however, whereby I cannot repeat Column A due to the merged row 1. Is there a work around for this? Essentially it's trying to just repeat the whole first page over and over, because there is never an opportunity for the last 15 columns to appear.

    In summary, I would like a 2 page print out, where column A (participant names) is hard left on both pages, and 16 activity columns appear to the right on page 1 and 15 on page two. I would prefer to do this without the need to have column A repeated and visible in the middle of the rows when using workbook on screen.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Repeating Column A when Row 1 is Merged...?

    With use of a second sheet

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