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Data Transpose Needed!

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    Data Transpose Needed!

    Hi there:

    I need to change the format/structure of a raw data file to be able to use in some statistics software for my research work. It seems that the raw data need to be transposed for each firm. But it would take a long while to do it if I want to do it manually over and over again for hundreds of different firms. I was wondering if there is any mechanisms in excel to make it faster or automate the process to some extent.

    I have shown here a simplified image of my intended format/structure of the data file. I hope you understand that the real raw data file has a lot of firms, a lot more items (14), and years(16). I have also attached a sample of the raw data file for you to have a look and understand the nature of the data file.

    Excel Help.png

    I would highly appreciate if somebody can help me out.


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    Re: Data Transpose Needed!

    Hi Imran,

    You need to UnPivot your data to make a row for each stock and year. Then pivot it again using the Item as a column in the Pivot Table.

    I'm using Excel 2016 and can do this problem in about 10 mouse clicks using the newer tool called Power Query and its UnPivot tool. Sadly you have 2007 Excel that doesn't have the ability to do Power Query. Also the result of my 10 mouse clicks gives a 3 meg file which is too large to load up the this forum.

    PQ UnPivot then Pivot Answer Only.xlsx

    See the above attached where I needed to delete all the extra sheets and give back the answer only.
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