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Mail Merge Issue

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    Mail Merge Issue

    Does anyone have experience with using excel to do mail merges in Microsoft Word?

    We recently have had an issue where we go through our process to do a mail merge, but then it's not finding the data. This is the current process:

    1) Open Word document we need for merge
    2) Click Mailings > Select Recipients > Use Existing List
    3) From here, I find the spreadsheet I'd like to use, it asks me to choose a worksheet...I choose the appropriate worksheet within the spreadsheet, but then I am getting a pop-up asking me to choose a table (see attached image).

    With this particular file, it does not do this for the other worksheets in the spreadsheet, just one is not working. It can't find the data source. Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix it?

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    Re: Mail Merge Issue

    The problem is with OLE DB. to fix this issue, go to "Options" (either at File or the funny circle thing in the top left corner), then "Advanced" and then scroll to the very bottom under the subheading of "General" and tick the box that says "Confirm file format conversion on open". Then close Office and reopen your merge .doc. When you choose the path to the merge data a box will appear that says "Confirm Data Source". When this appears choose the option "DDE". Depending on Office version you may need to tick the box "show all" first, in which case you'll want to choose the relevant DDE option for your data (probably "MS EXcel Worksheets via DDE". Solved I suspect you could choose any relevant option other than OLE DB and solve the problem, but I didn't experiment.

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