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Compress Pictures - not working

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    Question Compress Pictures - not working


    What can be done if Format tool Compress Pictures is not working as it used to? It just doesn't compress pictures at all.

    There are 10 sheets in the file with different amount of pictures in each of them.
    I was successful to compress 4 pictures in one of the sheets and after that it just stopped working.
    Funny fact - there are 8 pictures in that sheet but only first 4 were compressed (these pictures got more blurry) - sheet called "Ventspils".
    Pictures were obtained using "Snipping tool" and then Copy&Paste to Excel.

    Old file or new file - still the same.
    Checking or unchecking "Apply only to this picture" doesn't help.
    All pictures stay the same quality as they were and file get's huge - now already 7,22MB and more pictures will be added.

    One strange thing what I have noticed - when selecting 1 image then only "E-mail 96ppi" is available.
    If selecting more images then all of the options become available - 330, 220, 150, 96 ppi.
    Went also to Options>Advanced>Default Resolution - when changing to 96ppi nothing changes as well.

    Has anyone ever experienced the same problem?

    Using Microsoft Office 365 - Excel 2016. Windows 7.

    I have uploaded my file via WETRANSFER but as I'm new here I can't share the link. Used extra spaces to make link "visible"
    we . tl / y60vYqNJmS

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Compress Pictures - not working

    I have same problem, did somebody find a solution?

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