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Populate name/vacation date information into calendar format in separate tab

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    Populate name/vacation date information into calendar format in separate tab

    I found a similar example thread but have lost the link...I know that user Pete_UK generated the sample file "ef159_Vacation_Calendar", attached here, as a reference and it gave me hope but I don't have the knowledge to integrate it into the sheet I have created, also attached. (Primarily as my source content runs across the columns rather than down the rows.)

    I would like to link the vacation dates and employee name indicated on the appropriate dates in a separate calendar tab. My goal is to have all the primary tabs with information hidden so that only the calendar tab is visible to employees for vacation planning purposes. I do not want any of the other types of leave to be shown in the calendar as that is not information that all employees should see. I'm using Excel 2010 and would appreciate any assistance!
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    Re: Populate name/vacation date information into calendar format in separate tab

    The template that you attached has no example data in it, but it would appear that you use this by entering the appropriate code into one of the monthly sheets once the list of employees has been set up. Are you hoping to get the data from these 12 monthly sheets and put it into the style of a calendar?

    The calendar file of mine that you also attached works from one list (which can be entered in any order) and it would be quite a big job to convert it to get data from 12 separate sheets.

    To be honest, it's not exactly clear to me what you are trying to achieve, so perhaps you can expand on your description of this.

    Hope this helps.


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