Hi Everyone,

I have a an excel master workbook that has several master templates in it. They are all on separate tabs in the workbook. The tabs are the quote tab, invoice tab, lien waiver / sign off tab and customers tab which has all the info such as addresses, phone and email, etc. The quote, invoice and lien waiver/sign off tabs have drop downs which auto-populate additional cells w/ info from the customer tab. Whenever I click on the master template, it always opens as a copy(as it should) and when I add the new customer into the customer tab inside the copy, it doesn't update the master template automatically, so I then have to save that info as the master workbook again first, then reopen as the copy again to continue working. If I just save it as the copy, it won't be in the master the next time I use it. I thought I had read once that I could make some kind of pivot???? table (not sure) and info placed into that table would update the master, whether that info was entered into the master or the copy, but I haven't been able to find that info again, though I've searched online for it off and on for months. Is there a way that I can have a table that automatically updates the master template every time, even if the info is put into the copy of the master template. It would sure save me time. I also need to store that table in the master if at all possible. If not, what other suggestions would you have. I hope I made sense. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.