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Get number of sick periods for each month for Bradford score

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    Get number of sick periods for each month for Bradford score

    Hi, I am making a sheet that will allow us to input either sick, unauthorised leave or authorised leave (ul and al) on a yearly calendar and work out a bradford score for each employee.

    I currently have the total days of per month calculated as it was the easy part, code below:
    =SUM(COUNTIFS($H$4:$NI$4,">="&NW$4,$H$4:$NI$4,"<"&EDATE(NW$4,1),$H5:$NI5, {"Sick","UL","AL"}))

    H4 to NI4 is the dates of the year, with one extra for a leap year as it automatically updates the calendar and weekends extra for all this. H5 to NI5 is where we would mark data when needed for employees.

    My problem is when I try to automate counting the total periods for each month as i dont know how to narrow it down to each month and dont want to hard code the values to only look from column H to AL for jan ect... as this would not work on a leap year.

    this is currently my code:


    I am new with using formulas so have no idea where to start, have tried looking for answers can never find anything.

    Also it would need to be able to look at the date and check if it is a weekend skip over them so it does not create 2 different periods for being sick on fri and mon. Something like:

    =IF(OR(H$3="Sat",H$3="Sun"),skip..., count...)

    as in row 3 From H to NI (above the formatted date) i have the day of the week it is.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Get number of sick periods for each month for Bradford score

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