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Display random title from Reading list for books I haven't read.

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    Display random title from Reading list for books I haven't read.

    I have a reading list set up, title, number in series, Author, format, genre, when it was finished.

    What I'm trying to do is have a title display randomly for books that have not been read, and that are the first in their series which will have a 1 in the # column. (They'll have a 1 in the # column, even if they are stand alones). For those times when I want to read but I'm not in the mood to sort through my list and pick one. This will do it for me.

    This is the code i'm using currently =IF(AND(B2=1,ISBLANK(F2)),A2,IF(AND(B2>1,ISBLANK(F2)),"not yet", "You've read it")) to sort out the titles

    This is what I'm using to generate the title which is drawing from Column H where the books are sorted =IF(OR(H:H="you've read it",H:H="not yet"), INDEX($H:$H,RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTA($H:$H)),1),"")

    I'm probably over complacating this.
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    Re: Display random title from Reading list for books I haven't read.

    Hi. Try this array formula:

    =INDEX(A:A,AGGREGATE(15,6,ROW(Table4[Title])/(($H$2:$H$29<>"You've read it")*($H$2:$H$29<>"not yet")),RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTIFS(H:H,"<>"&{"You've read it","not yet"},H:H,"<>"))))

    Array Formulae are a little different from ordinary formulae in that they MUST be confirmed in the FIRST CELL ONLY by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to activate the array, not just ENTER. After that, the array can be dragged down as normal, to cover the desired range.

    You will know the array is active when you see curly brackets { } - or "curly braces" for those of you in the USA, or "flower brackets" for those of you in India - appear around the outside of your formula. If you do not use CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER you will (almost always) get an error message or an incorrect answer. Press F2 on that cell and try again.

    Don't type the curly brackets yourself - it won't work...

    as you're probably aware, the RANDBETWEEN formula is volatile. it will recalculate everytime ANYTHING changes on your sheet. if that's OK. Fine & dandy. If not, you'll need VBA (.xlsm). Let me know.
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