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how to copy and paste similar sheet

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    how to copy and paste similar sheet

    I have a number of .xls files that are similar, they contain formatted sheets for printing things like lining component trays and indexing loose leaf folders. They consist of rows and columns that have been formatted to fit the trays or files and each box has symbols (either letters or numbers) sized to fit the box.
    I have decided to try to put them as different worksheets all in the same .xls file.
    If I right click, highlight and copy a worksheet when I paste it (or paste special) it fails to have the correct format.
    The paste special option has a box that says 'ALL' but it only paste the symbols and borders. If I then go back and paste special highlighting column widths it pastes the column width.
    There is no way of pasting the rows? or is there?
    I would assume 'ALL' meant all the choices? rows, columns, formulas, values etc but it doesn't.
    Is there any way of copying a page so it is the same?

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    Re: how to copy and paste similar sheet

    Which version of Excel are you using?

    With the destination workbook open, right-click the tab you want to move or copy and select the destination workbook from the drop-down.

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