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Multiple data positioning into large matrix

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    Multiple data positioning into large matrix

    Hello, I am making a spreadsheet for the calculation of stiffness, a series of very extensive engineering calculations that requires a very meticulous selection of data, so part of them require manual data pasting when making formulas

    The spreadsheet calculates the following data for what we will call a bar


    This contains a total of 16 data, according to the numbering in row and column from 1 to 87 (Nx, Ny, Fx, Fy) for each bar


    then this data has to be stored in 4x4 ranges(=linked) in an 87x87 matrix according to the row and column number mentioned above



    this whole process must be repeated for each bar

    I tried using IF conditional format, but the ranges for the autofill are different
    I thought about using the vlookup but I will get the same error when using autofill, or at least I don't have enough experience with this command
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    Re: Multiple data positioning into large matrix

    My don't you use a Macro?

    I can see where the first set of data is copied from and too.

    Where is the second set copied from and too?

    Also do you need the formulas pasted or just the value?
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    Re: Multiple data positioning into large matrix

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