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When & how to split calculated columns from "big" data table in Excel?

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    Question When & how to split calculated columns from "big" data table in Excel?

    I'm looking for general advice for general tables in Excel, especially when they become very big and have calculated columns (I have sometimes seen 3-4 calculated columns iterating over 10,000 rows! Oh, I wish I had some idea how to split calculations from database).

    How would I split (normalise the database) the "database" and "calculations" if one of my stakeholders needs the table with values?

    I thought of the following options:
    • Is Microsoft Access (for data) the alternative (don't know if you could add calculated columns as I am still learning access).
    • Using DAX measures? How would one use DAX measure as alternative to vlookup calculated columns in Excel?

    If you have any pointers on data normalisation for these chunky Excel tables, please share.

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    Re: When & how to split calculated columns from "big" data table in Excel?

    It will help if you can give examples of the "big" data and the calculations.

    See the yellow banner at top of page on how to attach a sample workbook. Please ensure is representative of your actual situation but limit the data to a reasonable number of rows.
    If that takes care of your original question, please select Thread Tools from the menu link above and mark this thread as SOLVED.

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