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Reduce file size on 2 sheets in a workbook

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    Post Reduce file size on 2 sheets in a workbook

    Hello. I have a workbook with 11 sheet. The most rows any of these have is about 500 rows. There is one sheet that is just pivot tables. The issue is that this workbook has grown to be over 10BM and is starting to perform very slowly on my old computer. I downloaded the free trial of Professor Excel addon and analyzed the workbook. Of the approx. 10MB, about 9MB is in two sheets. One of these is 495 rows and the other is less than 20. I've tried saving as .xslb as well as change the picot tables to not save the source data with the file. I have attached the entire large workbook. The sheets in question are "#4 BLACK" and "BARWELL"

    Thank you for any all help!

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    Re: Reduce file size on 2 sheets in a workbook

    In reality, without seeing the workbook, we can only guess.

    However, these situations normally arise when you have formula(e) that go right to the bottom of the sheet, that is, over a million rows. That can happen if, for example, you have formulae that return null values if a particular column is blank. So, maybe, =IF(A2="", "", "some formula"). The output may not be noticeable because there's "nothing" to see.

    You may also have issues with Conditional Formatting being applied to more rows/columns than you think.

    Performance can be affected you have a lot of complex and/or array formulae, especially if they use full column references.

    Typically, you can remedy some of these issue by going to the end of the visible data, selecting all the rows below the data, and deleting using the Delete icon on the ribbon. Similarly for the columns to the right of the visible data. Save, close and re-open the file.

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