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How to check times fall within(or not within) a span of hours?

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    How to check times fall within(or not within) a span of hours?

    How do I see if the time worked (start and finish times) is in a span of defined hours.
    For instance how do I check that hours worked or part hours worked are within or not within the range 18:00 to 00:00 on day 1 and 00:00 to 06:00 on day two?

    I have used the formula below where F5 is the start, F6 finish times for lunch, F8 start time after lunch F9 Finish time and F11 & F12 start and finish times.

    start_1 is defined as 18:00, Finish_1 as 00:00 for day one, Start_2 as 00:00 and Finish_2 as 06:00 for day two


    The problem is that that formula is very cumbersome and not good programming and I would have to train useers to use 24:00 instead of 00:00 but then you canot use subtraction to get the times of hours worked; 03:00 minius 24:00 does not work where as 03:00 minus 00:00 = 3 hours

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    While I don't have an answer for you , perhaps one of Chip Pearson's ideas will help. Check his website at: Chip Pearson's site. Look under "D" for "Date" topics.
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