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Simple Division Problem

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    Simple Division Problem


    I have a very simple problem. basically, this is what my list looks like.
    A |B |C
    X | A |
    Y | B |
    Z | C |

    All of the letters represent random numbers. I need to take collumn A and Divide it by collumn B and get the answers in collumn C. So the first number in collumn C would be X/A, the second Y/B, and the last, Z/C. I also need to be able to get averages for each of the collumns. Can somebody help me please?
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    Hi kungfumaster_12,

    Not exactly sure what you want, but do you mean in C1

    =A1/B1 ,copy down column, then in A4

    =AVERAGE(A1:A3) ,copy across row

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