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Compare Text in 2 columns

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    Compare Text in 2 columns


    I have played around with this for sometime and decided at the end to post a thread in hopes someone can give me an easy and quick way of doing this.

    I have 2 columns (A&B) that i want to compare text data and return a boolean value. One column contains the reference material (Col. A) that i want to cross reference another column (B) to make sure that the contents in column B are already covered in column A.

    Here is the difficult part... i dont want to compare cell by cell, because my column A has cells that contain more than one piece of data, but are on separate lines within the cell itself (using Alt+enter)

    (e.g. of how one cell could look like:




    ... and so on)

    My column B has each value in a separate cell (and no i cant sort the data or separate the contents of column A to have each cell contain one piece of data for other dependency issues)

    My question is how can I make excel go through each cell in Column B and just searching for an exact match in column A (remember that the cells may contain more than one value and im only interested in a one string match not the whole cell) and return a boolean value whether there was a match or not and also return the row number of where the match was found in column A.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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