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Pulling data from a sheet into Word in a specific order

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    Pulling data from a sheet into Word in a specific order

    I don’t know if you can help me with something?

    The ‘card game master.doc’ file gives is my final print output file. The 4 colours represent each of my Biology teaching modules, BY1, BY2, BY3, and BY4.

    The file, ‘Key Words.xls’, sheet 1 contains all the key words for each module. Originally, I was going to use this as a mail merge data source so it would automatically put the words into the boxes and I could print off a complete set of cards. Then I realised that there were 6 cards on each sheet (to save costs) so each module would have to be split into 6 sub-sections for the mail merge to work.

    So I set up sheet 2 to do this.

    Question – how can I automatically take the sheet 1 BY1 values and redistribute them equally over the columns BY11, BY12, BY13, etc? I need it to do this even if I import a list of words and drop it into sheet1. Same for BY2, BY3, BY4.

    As I’ve said, I was then going to mail merge to get all the words on the cards but is there a way that the words can automatically be put onto the Card Game master.doc as soon as I pump them into sheet1?

    Question – Assuming all this becomes automated, is there a way of making it user-friendly. Really, all my staff would like to do is have a screen that says something like, ‘welcome to the key word card maker’, a box asks them which module they have key words for and once they’re put in a new box shows a print preview of the completed cards. Presumably, there has to be a safeguard against unequal distribution of BY1, BY2, BY3 and BY4 words because it’ll leave some text boxes blank on the later cards.

    Apert from making my teaching life easier, I'm always curious to see how Excel problems can be resolved.

    Many thanks

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